Editor Information

Role of an editor in the CGNOC

Editorship is by invitation of the Co-ordinating Editor of the Group.  There is no payment, but expenses may be claimed under certain circumstances if agreed in advance.  An attempt is made to recruit a range of editors to ensure adeqate representation of the various topics covered by the Group's scope.

Editors must have published a Cochrane Review in advance of becoming an editor.  For each review, the Co-ordinating Editor assigns a contact editor with whom the contact reviewer liaises with, via the Managing Editors.

1.  Editors are expected to take overall responsibility for the content of a review published on the Cochrane Library
2. Give advice to the contact reviewer as required.
3. Liaise with peer reviewers (referees) as necessary
4. Suggest to the CGNOC suitable peer reviewers (referees) for their assigned reviews.
5. Using the editors form for protocols and reviews comment on and summarise the referees' comments which have been sent to the ME.
6. Act as a third party when there is disagreement between co-reviewers or between reviewers and referees.