Editorial Team

Editorial Team

• Jo Morrison is the Co-ordinating Editor for the gynaecological and orphan cancer reviews with overall editorial responsibility in these areas

• Robin Grant is the Co-ordinating Editor, with overall editorial responsibility for Neuro-oncology reviews

• Gail Quinn and Clare Jess are the Managing Editors dedicated to supporting review authors through the review process and publication on the Cochrane Library

• Tracey Harrison is the Assistant Managing Editor for the Group, supporting the Managing Editors

• Jo Platt is the Information Specialist, who conduct comprehensive literature searches on key medical databases for review titles

Our Gynaecological and Orphan Contact Editors are:

Mo'iad Alazzam (UK)
Christine Ang (UK)
Lisa Barraclough (UK)
Christine Fisher (USA)
Khadra Galaal (UK)
Karen Galway (UK)
Marcia Hall (UK)
Markus Horneber (Germany)
Ken Jaaback (Australia)
Chumnan Kietpeerakool (Thailand)
Maurie Markman (USA)
Raj Naik (UK)
Shibani Nicum (UK)
Lesley Smith (UK)
Monique Spillman (USA)
Brett Winter-Roach (UK)

Our consumer representatives include:

Jennifer Cove (UK)
Kathie Godfrey (UK)
Jennifer Hare  (USA)
Carol Jones (UK)
Patricia Jupp (UK)
Mary Lunnen (UK)
Vicky Parker (UK)
Ruth Payne (UK)
Carol Pearett (UK)
Katharine Tylko-Hill (UK)

The Neuro-oncology team are further supported by a growing list of international experts who act as contact editors for reviews.

Martin van den Bent (NL) Glioma 
Helen Bulbeck (UK) Cochrane Consumer Referee
Paul Brown (USA) Brain Metastases
Guido Cavaletti (It) Chemo-toxicity / Neuropathy
Susan Chang (USA) Glioma
Mark Gilbert, (USA) Glioma 
Khe Hoang-Xuan (Fr)  Primary CNS Lymphoma
Simon Kerrigan (UK) Symptoms (Epilepsy / Cognition –Neurologist)
Lynn Kilbride (UK)  Quality of Life
Kathy Oliver  (UK)  Cochrane Consumer Referee
James Perry  (Can) Glioma 
Alasdair Rooney (UK) Symptoms (Mood – Psychiatrist)
Riccardo Soffietti (It) Brain Metastases
Martin Taphoorn (NL)  Quality of Life 

Building on this requires furthering links with major neuro-oncology societies to promote methodological learning, education and publication of neuro-oncology reviews. All authors of Cochrane systematic reviews have access to training and support resources from Cochrane.  Detailed information regarding training is available via the following links, Cochrane Training. We encourage potential authors to consider the strength of evidence for specific questions in neuro-oncology and if appropriate, where randomized controlled trials have been performed, to consider whether these meet the strict methodological criteria for inclusion in a Cochrane systematic review.

Neuro-oncology relevant reviews are somewhat dispersed in different Cochrane Groups where neuro-oncology articles may not be that obvious to the Cochrane Library user. In addition to the Gynaecological Neuro-oncology and Orphan Cancer Group, there are relevant neuro-oncology reviews published in the Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care Group, Cochrane Epilepsy Group, Common Mental Disorders Group, Neuromuscular Diseases Group, Lung Cancer Group, Back Group, Childhood Cancer Group and several others.

For further information on conducting a Cochrane systematic review please contact: ruh-tr.gnoc-cochrane@nhs.net