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  • The Embase projectBackgroundFor many years, Cochrane has been feeding reports of trials from PubMed and Embase into Cochrane’s central database of controlled trials (CENTRAL). This has made CENTRAL an incredibly rich and valuable resource for authors and others trying to identify the evidence. The way that Embase records are fed into CENTRAL...
    May 26 2016
  • Covidence announces changes to subscriptions, but free access for Cochrane Reviews and Cochrane author teams continuesIf you have signed into Covidence this week (which we hope many of you have done!), you may have noticed a notification informing users about the introduction of subscription charges for the use of Covidence. We are happy...
    May 25 2016
  • For those of you who are interested in the (NIHR) Massive Open Online Course "Improving healthcare through clinical research" please find the relevant links below.  The course is free and will be launched again on the 6th JuneNews item and trailerhttps://www.crn.nihr.ac.uk/blog/news/clinical-research-mooc-will-help-you-discover-all-you-need-...
    May 25 2016
  • Are empty reviews valuable?    Tracey Perez Koehlmoos is Director of the Health Services Administration Division and Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine & Biostatistics at the US Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. She is also a Cochrane Review author, member of the Cochrane Library Oversight...
    May 25 2016
  • Care and treatment received and late effects or consequences of cervical cancer   http://jostrust.org.uk/support/research/late-effects-survey
    May 25 2016
  • The working Group are currently accepting proposals for reviews in DTA. Please contact the CGCRG in the first instance if you have an enquiry of this nature.
    March 21 2012


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