Cochrane Crowd changes......

In the next few weeks you may start to see some new tasks posted on Cochrane Crowd that have a little purple icon with S4M on them.

These tasks are citation- screening tasks for specific Cochrane reviews with S4M standing for Screen4Me.

If you have screened 100 or more records in Cochrane’s RCT identification task, you will be able to see these new tasks.

You don’t have to take part in them if you don’t want to but we know many of you have enjoyed taking part in the pilot activities for specific reviews in topics of interest to you.

We will be providing more information about this new task type very soon!

Change #2: dashboard shape-up

The other change we’re making is to do with your Crowd dashboard. We’re making it so that you can still see all the tasks you have access to but we’re making the task panels collapsible so that you have a little more space and a little less scrolling to do.

We’re also going to enable you to view your past tasks – tasks that are now complete – so that you have a full record of your Cochrane Crowd activities.

This is just a first step towards improving the dashboard area, but we hope it’s a good one!

If you have any questions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch