Our contributors

• Editors, from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to represent the various interests of the Group who take responsibility for individual reviews.

• Feedback Editor, Clare Jess - who is responsible for ensuring that external comment on protocols and reviews made via the Cochrane Library is forwarded to the relevant author(s) and acted upon appropriately.

• Review Authors - who conduct the systematic reviews, in multi-disciplinary teams.

• Statistical and Methodological Advisors - Andy Bryant and Tess Lawrie  support the Group and individual review teams.

• Peer Reviewers - members representing individual topics who comment on protocols and reviews during the editorial process.

We are very grateful to the following people who have given peer review feedback on protocols and reviews during 2018:
Johanna Aarts
Katharine Abba
Jill Abrigo
Murat Akova
Christina Annunziata
Damiano Giuseppe Barone
Rebecca Beeken
Federico Bozzetti
Paul Brennan
Elly Brockbank
Andrew Bryant
Helen Bulbeck
Ben Carter
Murray Casey
Manas Chakrabarti
Susan Chang
Jenny Cove
Emma Crosbie
Julia Day
Thomas DeLaney
Clemens Diren
Clare Donnellan
Jennifer Forrest
Khadra  Galaal
Mark Gilbert
Rosalind Glasspool
Kathie Godfrey
Paul Grundy
Jennifer Hare
Lisa Jeffers
Terrance Johns
Sonali Kaushik
Fani Kokka
Evan Kontopantelis
Normand Laperriere
Theresa Lawrie
Ludy Lutgens
Maurie Markman
Catherine McBain
Fiona McKevitt
Agnieszka Michael
Shiraz Mishra
Karel Moons
Hans Nagar
Vivek Nama
Kathy Oliver
Ruth Payne
Melanie Powell
Pedro Ramirez
Nick Reed
Stuart Rundle
Arjun Sahgal
Stuart Smith
Monique Spillman
John Staffurth
Siriwan Tangjitgamol
Chris Tse
Katharine Tylko-Hill
John Villano
Colin Watts
Ana Wilson
Edward Winter
Alice Yuen Loke