The Womb Cancer Alliance James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership

What was the aim of the project? The aims of this project were to: identify the important womb cancer research questions that matter to patients, carers and clinicians, publish the top 10 priority questions and source funds to answer them and raise public awareness about womb cancer.

Who led the project? Dr Emma Crosbie led the project, in collaboration with patients, carers, healthcare professionals and representatives from the Womb Cancer Alliance and the British Gynaecological Cancer Society. Dr Jo Morrison, Co-ordinating Editor for our Group, was part of the Steering Group.

When did it take place? It took place in 2015 to 2016.

What did we do? A national survey was conducted to identify womb cancer research questions that are important to patients, their carers and healthcare professionals with clinical experience of womb cancer. More information on this can be found here.

What topics were found to be priority?  Ten priority questions were identified as part of the JLA-PSP and five of these have been or are currently being published as Cochrane priority review titles. The list of reviews completed based on priority topics from this exercise can be found here, including links to the reviews on the Cochrane Library.