Task Exchange

Task exchange

You may have heard of Task Exchange, a platform Cochrane is developing that connects people who need help with their Cochrane reviews with people who have the time and expertise to help.

I'm delighted to present to you the first version of the site which has just been released. This version is a prototype for the Task Exchange team to get feedback on, so you may find it a little clunky at times, but we are very excited about it. 

When you check it out, you'll notice that a) it's beautiful and b) it's a little empty. 

To get Task Exchange up and running, we need people to post tasks and profiles. 

Are there aspects of your review that you'd like help with? Perhaps a screening, translation, data extraction task or something else? Head to taskexchange.cochrane.org and post a task today!

Would you like to broaden your experience, or help out another author team? Head to taskexchange.cochrane.org, check out the available tasks and add your profile!

Dr Tari Turner
Senior Research Fellow
Monash University